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NEW: Sigma STR Capper for Screw Cap Tubes

AFYS3G latest product introduction is the Capper for Screw Cap Tubes, Sigma STR. With the Sigma STR you can cap a single screw cap automatically. Because of the accurately set torque value, the sealing quality is optimal.

The Sigma STR is designed to improve efficiency and can be used as stand-alone device. The Capper for single Screw Cap Tubes is a reliable and durable instrument for any lab that wants to reduce manual errors and eliminate tedious and non-essential tasks. The single tube capper is compatible with labware from a variety of brands like Sarstedt, Micronic, Azenta and Greiner Bio-one and can cap a single tube in 7 seconds.

Curious to know more? Watch the video below to see how the Capper for Screw Cap Tubes operates.

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