Labware Marking Systems

The Labware Marking Systems from AFYS3G are unique and reliable instruments to support workflow optimization in both research and clinical applications.

Our solutions allow scientists to laser mark unique samples on demand with the confidence that information will not be lost which is often the case with both label and ink based solutions, and to improve data quality by significantly removing human error due to manual handling.

The AFYS3G Information Marking Systems Lambda8 and Lambda576 are compatible with a wide variety of sample storage tubes from various brands. The systems can laser engrave markings with any shape, text, logo or sample ID directly onto the surface of a tube, which ensures the absolute traceability of a sample.

AFYS3G Manual Information Marking
System Lambda8
The Lambda8 can mark tubes from 0.30ml to 15.00ml. Since a wide range of adapters can be used with the Lambda8, it can accommodate a variety of labware (tubes, caps, racks, microscope slides) and other materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. Read more…



AFYS3G Automated Information Marking
System Lambda576
With the Lambda576, six ANSI/SLAS format racks of sample storage tubes can be placed in the system at once. The laser engraves markings with any shape, logo, text or sample ID directly onto the surface of each tube. Read more…
A20101AFYS3G Manual Information Marking System Lambda8482 x 416 x 778
A20102AFYS3G Manual Information Marking System Lambda8 + Integrated PC482 x 416 x 778*
A20503AFYS3G High Throughput Information Marking System Lambda576820 x 508 x 450
A20501AFYS3G Air Filtration System420 x 425 x 400

*PC not included

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