Reader for Single (Bar)codes

The AFYS3G Delta10 features optimized scanning positions for 1D barcodes and 2D Data-Matrix codes ensuring fast and precise code reading of common tube brands available on the market.

The AFYS3G Code Reader Delta10 reads the 1D barcodes of the tube and the rack at the front of the reader and the 2D Data-Matrix code of the tube on top of the reader in less than a second. The AFYS3G Tube Reader Delta10 has a keyboard wedge functionality, therefore the scanned data can be sent to many applications.

The tube reader can scan any 96-, 48-, or 24-well format rack and tube. When the scanning is successful, a beep sound indicates so. The Tube Reader Delta10 is easy to use and no software installation is required. With two optimized scanning positions, code reading is fast and precise.


  • The AFYS3G Tube Reader Delta10 scans 1D barcodes and 2D Data-Matrix codes in less than a second
  • Optimized scanning positions enable fast and precise code reading
  • Easy to use, no software installation is required
  • Keyboard wedge functionality
  • Sound indication when code is read
  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with 96-, 48-, and 24-well format rack and tube
  • Compatible with a variety of brands like: Azenta Life Sciences (FluidX), LVL Technologies, Micronic and Thermo Matrix
A20601AFYS3G Tube Reader Delta1093 x 80 x 97,4 mm