High Throughput Information Marking System Lambda576

The Lambda576, the first-of-its-kind automated laser marker, is designed to replace manual or even automated application of tube labels which can be prone to error. Moreover, based on the ever increasing requirement to store smaller volumes of samples in smaller tubes, the ability to label typically is not possible or in many cases not suitable for automation.

The AFYS3G automated laser maker can hold up to six ANSI/SLAS format racks of sample storage tubes at once. A gripper arm selects one tube from the rack and carries it to the camera. The camera then detects the laser-friendly part of the tube, which tells the gripper arm how to position the tube in front of the laser. After the tube has been positioned, the laser etches a permanent marking directly onto the tube’s surface.

User-friendly software lets researchers create, select and laser a variety of markings: 2D codes, 1D barcodes, logos, text or sample IDs directly onto a tube’s surface. Markings can be engraved into a non-transparent area of a sample storage tube, allowing them to be read regardless of the type or color of the sample. Tubes from various suppliers such as Brooks Life Sciences and Micronic are compatible with the Lambda576. By simply changing the racks and software settings, the system can be used to laser-etch a variety of brands and tubes.


  • Automatically mark up to six racks (ANSI/SLAS format) of sample storage tubes
  • Compatible with tubes in 96-, 48- and 24-well format from different brands
  • Laser engrave information such as: shapes, logos, texts, codes and batch IDs directly on the tube surface
  • Can etch information on tube based on a 2D code
  • Can pick and place vials and therefore place text on multiple places on the vial
  • High resolution and consistent markings which allow small text
  • Markings are resistant against chemicals, mechanical abrasion and temperatures between +100°C and -196°C
  • Intelligent user interface with unique Play/Pause simplicity for tube addition and removal
  • CSV input/output (compatible with LIMS)
  • UL/CE certified
  • Durable, accurate and reliable solution to mark labware
  • Improves data quality by significantly removing human error due to manual handling
  • Increases productivity in current manually intensive processes
  • Laser engraved markings cannot be separated from the plastic surface and can never wear off, guaranteeing ultimate sample traceability
  • Diameter of the tube will remain the same (automation compatible)
  • No need for changing labels or ink ribbons unlike traditional labelers or printers
  • Over 2 hours walk-away capacity
A20103AFYS3G High Throughput Information Marking System Lambda576820 x 508 x 450

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