High Throughput Information Marking System Lambda576

The Lambda576, the first-of-its-kind automated laser marker, can mark tubes from a variety of sizes and brands. With the device, no labels, stickers or ink is used. The laser engraves markings with any shape, logo, text or sample ID directly onto the surface of each tube. The automated system can hold up to 6 racks with sample storage tubes in ANSI / SLAS format. The markings are resistant against chemicals, mechanical abrasion and temperatures between +100ºC and -196ºC, ensuring sample traceability.

Automated Laser MarkerVILA Vial Laser Marker 3 copy new


Features and benefits
  • Most durable, accurate and reliable solution to mark labware
  • Automatically mark up to 6 racks (ANSI/SLAS format) with sample storage tubes
  • Compatible with tubes in 96-, 48- and 24-well format from different brands
  • Laser engrave information such as: shapes, logos, texts, codes and batch IDs
  • Marks directly on the surface of labware
  • High resolution and consistent markings
  • Laser engraved markings cannot be separated from the plastic surface and can never wear off, guaranteeing ultimate sample traceability
  • No need for changing labels or ink ribbons
  • Walk-away automation
  • Intuitive software
  • CSV input/output (compatible with LIMS)


A20103 AFYS3G High Throughput Information Marking System Lambda576 820 x 508 x 450

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