AFYS3G Core Values

Our core values give direction to everything we do. What do we consider important at AFYS3G and what makes us special? Learn more about our three core values below.

  • Originality

Icoon OriginalityAFYS3G has been established because our engineers saw the urgent need to integrate all types of consumables, automation, and technologies used in the lab. This challenge inspires us to create innovative products for modern research with a custom focus.

  • Expertise

Icoon Expertise AFYS3G is a team of enthusiastic and creative engineers who are engaged in the design, development and production of laboratory consumables and benchtop equipment related to working with samples. Whether for end-users or for third parties, we can do it. Our passion is to use our skills, knowledge, and experience to improve the precision and flexibility of life science research.

  • Respect

Icoon RespectOur Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda emphasizes sustainability and social involvement. Examples are the use of sustainable packaging for our products, encouraging engagement with the local community by offering internships, and providing an informal and open working environment for our staff to stimulate new ideas.

Guaranteed sample traceability with laser etching on tubes

The importance of 100% guaranteed traceability is getting more visible in the biological sample storage industry as the traditional labelling of sample vials cannot ensure this.

AFYS3G offers a solution: Laser Marking Systems. Within these systems vials are laser etched with sample information. This way, the information can never wear or fall off, thus ensuring absolute traceability.

With the AFYS3G systems you can laser etch the sample storage tubes yourself. Read more in this interesting blog by Micronic.

OEM partner in equipment engineering and injection molding

AFYS3G is a team of enthusiastic and creative engineers who are engaged in the design, development and production of laboratory consumables and benchtop equipment related to working with samples. Whether for end-users or for third parties, we can do it.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), AFYS3G provides solutions in the field of designing, developing and producing tailor-made products for modern research in the life sciences sector.

Let’s get in touch

Are you looking for an enthusiastic engineering partner? Our engineers are welcoming any new interesting projects. Contact us today to discuss your needs. E-mail us at or call us: +31 (0)88-2278900.

AFYS3G offers a unique solution for the ultimate traceability of labware

AFYS3G has a unique way to guarantee the absolute traceability of your laboratory consumables: laser-based marking systems. With the Lambda8 and Lambda576, AFYS3G offers both a manual and automated system that can laser engrave labware with permanent markings.

Laser marking systems

The Lambda8 is a manual laser marker that can not only mark tubes, but also racks in ANSI/SLAS format, caps, microscope slides, and materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. Since a wide range of adapters can be used with the Lambda8, it can accommodate a variety of labware and other materials.

In addition to the Lambda8, AFYS3G also offers the Lambda576, an automated laser marking system. With the Lambda576, six racks of tubes can be placed in the system at once. A gripper arm selects one tube from the rack and carries it to the camera. The camera then detects the laser-friendly part of the tube, which tells the gripper arm how to position the tube in front of the laser. After the tube has been positioned, the laser etches a permanent marking directly onto the tube’s surface.

The AFYS3G marking systems use a laser to engrave high-resolution markings, so there is no need to change labels or ink ribbons unlike traditional labelers or printing instruments. The laser engraved markings are resistant to chemicals, mechanical abrasion and extreme temperatures, which means they can never be separated from the labware and can never wear off. The laser can even be used to mark labware under extreme circumstances. For example, both the Lambda8 and Lambda576 can easily mark sample storage tubes directly out of a -80°C freezer.  Overall, the systems ensure the absolute traceability of sample storage tubes for long-term use.

User-friendly software lets researchers create, select and laser a variety of markings: 2D codes, 1D barcodes, logos, text or sample IDs directly onto the tube’s surface. Markings can be engraved into a non-transparent area of a sample storage tube, allowing them to be read regardless of the type or color of the sample.

Tubes from various suppliers such as Brooks Life Sciences and Micronic are compatible with the laser marking systems from AFYS3G. By simply changing the racks (or adapters) and software settings, one system can be used to laser-etch a variety of brands and tubes.

AFYS3G’s laboratory benchtop equipment is designed and assembled in-house by specialists at the AFYS3G headquarters in The Netherlands. Because AFYS3G assembles equipment in-house, the laser marker systems can be made to accommodate specific applications.

Webinar on: How to achieve ultimate biosample traceability?

Join our Sales Manager Jelle Martens on the 30th of April for a discussion about the advantages of laser markings and requirements to achieve ultimate traceability of your valuable biosamples, along with a live demo of the Lambda576 automated laser marker.

Tune in at 3.00 pm (CET) / 9.00 a.m. (EST) and learn all about laser marking and our laser marking systems. Curious to join us for our webinar?

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Tubes with Laser-etched codings