About AFYS3G

At AFYS3G, our passion is to use our skills, knowledge, and experience to improve the precision and flexibility of life science research. We do this by keeping 3Goals in focus as we develop solutions: Enhance performance, Empower integration and Ensure compatibility.

AFYS3G is a team of enthusiastic and creative engineers who are engaged in the design, development and production of laboratory consumables and benchtop equipment related to working with samples. Whether for end-users or for third parties, we can do it.

AFYS3G evolved into an independent company when a group of Dutch engineers from Micronic, a global leader in sample storage and preservation solutions, saw the urgent need to integrate all types of consumables, automation, and technologies used in the lab. This challenge inspired them to create new products for modern research with a custom focus.


At AFYS3G, we’re committed to improving laboratory processes by pursuing 3Goals in the development of our consumables and benchtop equipment:

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Enhance performance

With the ever-growing requirement for flexibility in many laboratories, we strive to enhance laboratory performance by offering versatile solutions. Using quick and flexible work processes we develop custom consumables and small series of benchtop  equipment to meet your  needs.

Empower integration

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The development process for laboratory consumables and benchtop equipment considers all possible automation or laboratory information management systems that our solutions can be used with. By designing with integration in mind, we make the implementation process fast and smooth.

Ensure compatibility

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We design for ultimate compatibility between consumables, benchtop equipment and automated systems used in a laboratory. To ensure this, we thoroughly test our solutions with the products available in the market.


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If you are interested in joining the AFYS3G team, we are always keen to hire new colleagues.

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