About AFYS3G

About AFYS3G

At AFYS3G, we’re committed to improve laboratory processes by offering laboratory benchtop equipment 3G. This is equipment that represents the 3Goals for which AFYS3G was founded; enhance performance, empower integration and ensure compatibility.

Experience The AFYS3G team has many years of experience in designing, developing and the production of laboratory equipment. The products we offer are connected to the samples used in laboratories. We make our products compatible for your specific sample carrier.


The Netherlands The company is located in Flevoland, the Netherlands. Flevoland is the 12th province in the centre of the country, where the former Zuiderzee was. Flevoland was reclaimed from the sea only in the 1950s and 1960s.


Seeking challenges AFYS3G is a rapidly expanding company. Our group of enthusiastic engineers is always on the lookout for new interesting projects.


Join us If you are interested in joining the AFYS3G team, we are always keen to hire new colleagues.

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